best email marketing tools

Constant contact is an best email marketing software used to offer events and social marketing. It offers contact management to help you put your email list in order. You can build from scratch or import from other email services. It tracks and provides reports on your campaign performance as mentioned on social media.

You can also share email campaign on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. Constant contact email marketing tool integrates well with popular services like WordPress and QuickBooks. Also, it allows you to send invites to your existing email list and registration forms for those who want to attend.

You can track clicks and find out those that led to a conversation and email that were just opened. Anti-spam feature in the app make easy for email delivery.

This tool is available also for mobile phones. You can have responsive email customized to targeted niche.

Users can enjoy a 24/7 customer support for both calls and emails. It also has customizable templates and forms for your links. The email service tool has beautiful design templates, and it's easy to use since it requires no special skills.

One setback of the email campaign service is that customizable features are limited. Moreover, it is not affordable like other email services tools. Lastly, it does not allow segmentation of email lists, and you only send blank campaigns.

Building an email list is not an easy task. However, Constant Contact gives you the best email service experience. This email campaign service also offers events and social marketing. It has a contact manager that helps you to put your email list in order.

Constant contact email marketing tool gives you reports about your email campaign as well as shares on social media. You can share on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter. Integration with other popular apps like WordPress, accounting apps, or QuickBooks is also possible and easy with constant contact. One unique feature of this app is that it allows you to send invite with registration forms for attendees.